Sahara to Serengeti: Africa's Beauty

M. Swathi


In the country of wonders, Africa's embrace,
where ghosts swirl and lightning and old legends are spoken,
A huge and majestic continent, rich in diversity,
where the splendour of Mother Nature colours the boundless landscape.
From the blazing, searing sands of
the Sahara to the verdant savannah beneath glittering moonlight,
A vast and expansive weave of sceneries
in the centre of this vast continent, Africa.
Lions prowl the plains of the Serengeti,
while tigers find homes in the woodlands.
Through primordial dunes, the powerful Nile surges.
A vital conduit running through the centre of Africa.
As the hills rise, frost covers their peaks.
The steady flow of waterfalls,
the towering peaks of Kilimanjaro,
and the mist of Victoria—African beauty is breath-taking.
The golden grasses of Savannah tell stories.
Of the cheetahs' racing tracks and the stripes of zebras,
Every step in the wild places of Africa,
where wildlife hide, is a symphony of life.
Tribes with customs, tales to tell,
traditions and civilizations, secrets to reveal,
With unifying dances, chants, and rhythms,
Africa's heart, full of bright, vivid brightness.
Even if the ghosts of colonialism are still present,
Africa's spirit is rising and its resolve to define
its destiny is powerful and free.
A source of optimism visible to all.
Thus, let us treasure Africa's strength, beauty,
and people both during the day and at night.
For within this immense and marvellous
continent is a world of magnificent wonders.
~~~M. Swathi is a poet who studied at Thiagarajar Arts &Science College, Madurai.

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