I Can't Marry a Poet

Hadiza Mohammed


I can’t marry a poet
As in him, a kindred spirit I see
My curses magnified
My weaknesses heightened
The love child of my karma and nemesis
I can’t marry a poet
How do I birth in-bred offsprings?
Lads like him
Lasses like me
Him, like me
Me, like him
A resounding monotony, the lot of us
I can't marry a poet
Suave and smooth with words
Licking his way through my inquisition
Making slippery, my facts
Have me falling and landing on words
Cuts from his sharply crossed T's
Punctures from his dotted I's
I can't marry a poet
For the love of the creator
Sin is sin he said
Isn't a mentally incestuous union
Incest all the same?
Words I can wrought
Not the Creator's wrath!
~~~Hadiza Mohammed is a passionate poet who writes for the world.

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