The Soul in Poetry

Veena Regidi


In Poetry,
an adage, does not age
It transcends through ages,
breathes through words, emotions and images,
breaks multitudinous bondages.
The persistent flow of thoughts
Expressed in words profound
Heart touching, soul stirring
Lending food for thought,
Emancipating, liberating,
Leaving nothing for naught.
Nevertheless, it never can be taught,
nor with money can be bought
The beauty of thought, the truth always sought,
The power of a pen, words from deep within
Words with that leap of faith
Words that on an inspiration begin
Hard to delve deep within
and try to fathom a poet’s heart.
The locution, the intonation, the modulation, the articulation
for in lie dark secrets and shadows, voices and verses
The tone of the poet - the soul it stirs
ethos of the past and hopes for tomorrow.
The power of pen that can rustle bone marrows,
Poetry is beauty, has form and shape
Words of the poet make one sit and gape.
Poetry is manifestation of human life,
The ups and downs, the future and history
The ebb and flow of humanity….
It gives the past an unsung voice, and the future an infinite hope…
Poetry is perennial…poetry is pristine, poetry is beauty,
The rhythm of the heart, the music of the soul,
A melody, a harmony, a symphony, it can never die
Poetry is …for the soul. Yes, poetry is truth profound!
~~~Veena Regidi is a poet. She graduated from Andhra University with M.A in English Language and Literature. She is an English Editor at Chegg, Visakhapatnam and also an Academic Quality and Policy Manager at Rumi Education, Gurgaon, Haryana.

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