After my Degree, what’s Next?

Ali Oboshi Ibrahim


I thought I'll be back,
back home or to the street,
At the street I would sit at Papa's warehouse,
while at home, maybe sleep wake-up and get kalachi from mom.
But God said No.
My father thought I'll be back,
Back at his farm or warehouse,
tilling the ground or arranging sack of Egusi,
Oh! poor graduate, he never wished me bad but if I had no job,
I must follow him to farm or sit at the street.
But God said No.
My mother thought I'll be back,
Back home, collecting the small profit she realized from her Egusi business,
Daddy will take Ciroma to farm,
Oh! poor Ciroma, so fragile and weak,
will God relegate you to farm?
But God said No.
My stepmom thought I'll be back,
Back home so she could laugh
After all there are many graduates without work,
A child should chase money not book,
Is degree food?
He will come back to farm.
But God said No.
My Uncle thought I'll be back
Back to beg him because he is God Lieutenant,
who will give him admission,
who will make him serve at Abuja,
who will give him Job,
He will come back on his knees.
But God said No.

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