Timeless Meaning

Anushua Chatterjee


My soul searches for meaning.
That meaning cannot be told, heard and deciphered.
It's timeless….
Arising out of timeless hopes and will continue
till the time collapses (if it is so)!
My soul searches for meaning
As Ashwathama is looking for Kalki
to get over the curse of being alive and waiting.
That meaning I am talking about
Was searched by men from time immeasurable.
Some told it lies in salvation, for some it's sacrifice.
I know not what salvation is…
Is it what Didi and Gogo searched under the barren tree
Or Christ found behind the Mulberry bush!
Does sacrifice mean what Prufrock released from his cigar?
Or Porphyria did at the hands of her lover?
I know not what sacrifice is.
My soul searches for meaning and meaning.
Is the meaning made of ' panchabhuta'?
Or of seven deadly sins?
I know not for I am in search of meaning.
My voice is struck on the glass of time
As Eliot's Patient-evening " etherized upon a table "
And my still eyes look at the ageless hermit
Who meditates upon the piles of ashes
And foresees how Kubla is coming back
To build his sunny dome with caves of ice.
I seek an answer from him.
If he can predict my ' becoming'.
Vyasa started my epic that waits for another universe to complete
For the sages say we live and die in numerous spaces and time.
I know not what do they mean,
For I am waiting and waiting and waiting.
Truth is what Govinda told Parth?
Or that Shelley learnt from Skylark's art?
My heart bleeds for a single light
to guide my path.
For I am waiting for the meaning to come.
I am the Bali, Bibhishana, Parshuram;
I am Kalki, Buddha and Radhe-Shyam!
I create meanings so that it might be found
I deceive with meaning so that it may be lost.

I am the forbidden fruit that Adam tasted
I am the Rakshasas that Vishnu defeated.
I am the past, the present and a never ending future
Where time merges and faces get blurred.
Despite the nothing I am the being
And still in search of my becoming.
For I only want to know what people call meaning....
~~~ Anushua Chatterjee is a poet who writes for social transformation and passion.

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