Just Imagine

Mrs Kanchan Agrawal


Only if birds could swim
And fishes fly
Humans lived on trees
And monkeys in sty
Each would know one's agony
No one would cry
Only if boys led girl’s life
And girls like boys
Boys disrespected
And girls called nice
Boys would feel the pain and shame
Each girl dignified
Only if no one fought
For land and power
Gave a little thought
For everyone to empower
The world would be heaven
Where the blessings shower
Only if I studied hard
And my efforts paid
I stopped playing
And attention paid
Haven't been sitting like this
And crying in vain
Only if people got everything
They wanted when alive
The world would have been different
Sharing everyone’s pride
No one would mourn,
Repent, sit and cry.
Only if people could anticipate
And took care of their balloons
Forget their vengeance
And allowed to grow their talons
No one would have suffered
And have become baboons.
Only if I overcame my weaknesses
And made others smile
Did guide the people
And help them strive
No one could stop me
From taking long strides

Only if fire lit water
And made the world dry
May be they understand the importance
And helped it save with a try
No one cried for resources
And wouldn’t express in wry
Only if no one deceived you
And stabbed you high
The world would have been beautiful
And everyone the apple of an eye
But that doesn’t mean at all
It won’t make you cry
~~~ Mrs Kanchan Agrawal is a passionate poet from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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