This Tomorrow is Here

Herbert Izuchukwu Maxwell


We are the leaders of tomorrow
that's what we were told,
and yet the old never wants this tomorrow to unfold.
They've made life so hard that the future leaders
have nothing else but to leave
to a land seen as that of milk and honey
We are the future of our nation
we are the heralds of our generation
but the old bald ones have taken those positions as birthright
those who have refused to die
killing who ever that dares oppose
making lives miserable for the future.
Turning us against one another
because the guy by my side is shola and I’m Emeka
and HERE is Musa
setting us apart to luxuriate their desires.
Step by step Musa moves
Trampling like the Elephant with his strongest wit
making his claims to our fortress,
making the poor miserable,
milking them in and out—the land, the food, the oil, their souls—
turning them against one another at gun point.
Rallying us to fight unjustly,
making us believe a particular ethnicity owns the coast.
We the youths,
weapons of a mighty nation;
now weapons of political rivalry.
when the other feels powerful,
we turn his bullet for war,
used reaped of our intelligence and made to believe we are lesser.
Stop the slumber it's our turn to stick to our claims of taking over what is ours.
A peaceful and uncompromising nation
free of anarchy, and corruption
we young talents can thrive
and not let to fight each other’s war.
We must come together to protect our bleeding nation,
from the shenanigans of our old destitute leaders.
Don't buy what they sell us
For this is that knife that tear us part
we should fight, revolt against bad governance,
against terrorism- against apathy,
against nepotism, Mal practices.

Arise humble and courageous youth
to the fault of our cunning leaders that have chosen to spoil our names
at the international market.
Take up placards and roam the street of the coast to
our colonizer a message to reply.
We are the leaders of today not of tomorrow
We must exercise our function now
our duties to our dearest nation
to uplift her glory-honour
for the betterment of generation yet to be born.
~~~Herbert Izuchukwu Maxwell is a young passionate poet and student of English Language and Literature, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria.
Email Id: [email protected].

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