Moments to Be Cherished

A.K. Nisha


Divine Earth burdened with contaminant,
Envisaged a pure atmosphere.
The inhabitants yearned for,
A glimpse of nature’s wonder.
The celestial angel waved her wand,
The world procured the requisite pace;
Demonstrating to the human race
The position amongst world populace.
The Fosbury flop brought to the fore -
The twittering parrots,
Bubbly Bulbuls,
Minuscule Humming birds,
The resplendent King fisher,
Perching on the lush guava tree;
And Yiang Ylang tree
With fragrant dangling flora.
The verdant leaves and boughs,
Welcoming the rightful inheritors of Mother Nature
The capricious chameleon camouflaging to
capture the creatures crawling by.
The effervescent squirrels join hands,
With the avian delights.
The ornate butterflies not far behind,
In lending exquisiteness to the ambience.
Glance at astounding nature,
Enjoying the long lost serenity,
Prevailing in the environment.
Free from effluence,
Hustle and bustle of human life.
Wondering at the abrupt change,
Yet utilizing the moments.
Imbibing gratification to the fullest,
Converting it into moments to be -
Cherished by mankind, thus
Fostering nature for the virtuous posterity.
~~~A. K Nisha is a poet with emotional energy spurred by the reality of human existence.

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