White Garment Man

Augustine Chidimma Doris


With his white garment he walked
to the altar singing and blessing the body of Christ
What pain I feel in my heart
for the man my heart beats for belongs to another
He is as funny as a stand-up comedian
As calm as a still lake
As loving as a mother's embrace
His voice is a melody
He doesn't look bad
Should I compare his love to that of a father's love
or that of a man to his girlfriend?
or that of a white man to his pet;
he can go miles to cure the pet of his illness
The illness we both contacted was that of love
The sin we committed was that of love or lust
We are two in this, just as love and lust are two words.
I wonder what he has for me, I am sure mine is love.
My father who lives in heaven do not forgive us,
me in particular for eating the fruit that is kept for you.
I would have loved to return it back
but my heart has grown to love it
and my body is weak to do so
yet my spirit is willing
What ungracious offence I have committed against God,
my body and to the white garment man
The world I live in please do not spit me,
do not judge me.
I better clean up my tears and be strong.
Even if the world rejects me
And God himself rejects me
The soil will not reject me
and I refuse to regret my actions
nor what I feel for the white garment man.
For now, I will keep my head straight
And wait for a reply from heaven,
until heaven calls me
I plead onto the trees to plead on our behalf
To the white garment man, I am sorry if I lured you.
~~~Augustine Chidimma Doris is a young Nigerian poet. She is very passionate about poetry.

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