Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?

Solomon Victor Imoh (Victorious)


Caught amidst the uncertainties of Life,
The intricacies of the past keep me dumb,
On the ululations of the souls departed,
For the bodies, lifeless is lying.
Piercing deep down my marrow,
Is the blood that bursts out like torrents,
From the merest of striplings,
And like a wine,
Was poured out, from the mildest men,
Yet without a cause.
Why are lives wasted at the altar of bloodbath?
From a government soo tyrannical,
From armed men soo inhumane,
With power soo cruel,
Ah! Marauding beasts!!!
With the clasping of AK- 47's,
They let loose of surreptitious bullets,
Striking down a helpless crowd,
In the indelible 2020's of Imo state,
When humans became chickens,
When blood became black,
When bodies shattered beyond repairs,
When mortuaries became full- blast,
In a bid to satisfy their bloodsucking thirsts,
Even without a cause.
Is blood really thicker than water?
For man has ceased to be man,
Brother has become beast,
And in a lethal appetite for blood,
Man has become prey.
How else can I explain this mystique?
In pain I languish,
With a fearful glance of "what happens next",
When the land has become "nights in day",
By the unceasing disasters of bloodbath,
Yet without a cause.
~~~ Solomon Victor Imoh is a poet with so much passion for humanity. His lines are infused with narratives laced with soulful passion.

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