Marimuthu Malaisamy


Unruly aliens stepped on the land
To civilize the race of genteel,
Superseded the earth—our mother,
And doom'd the will of demon upon us.
Once Black - the colour of pride;
Known for every unknown beauty,
Became the subject of infamy,
And looked as the fount of disgrace.
Once Black - the race of glory
Shrank into triviality;
Forsaking the spake of our lord,
And marching towards decay.
Numbness pain wilted the heart,
When the cult of the soil
That makes us proud,
Being berated by the burgess.
Vulpine smile inhabited the innocent lips,
No rays of tenderness be found,
Like a shameless picaroon,
Clashing with our own kith and kin.
Once Black – the race of prowess,
Being scared of our own shadow;
Crawling like witty fools on the land,
Penniless tycoons we became.
~~~Marimuthu Malaisamy is an Assistant Professor of English at Dr. N.G.P Arts and Science College.

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