Kelechi Monica Nnaji


Nightfall, Nightfall,
Some call thee, mortal enemy,
Harbinger of misfortune,
"Accursed!" They say you are.
Your wondrous being,
A sight to behold.
In testament, the stars
Bow to your majesty.
Thou art my peace,
My mind's resting place.
Your gentle caress,
Filling my being with delight!
Like a mother hen,
Your wings envelope me.
Unburdening my heart
Of the day's woes.
Like a loving mother,
Patiently; you pay heed,
Yes, you pay heed
To my every wail and tale.
Nightfall, Nightfall,
Solace of migrants.
Succour of the embittered,
Answer, to every thought.
Not a mortal enemy but friend
Harbinger, not of misfortune
But fortunes.
Nightfall, Nightfall,
In thee I find solace;
Solace from the day's toil.
~~~Kelechi Monica Nnaji is a young poet from Imo State, Nigeria. She is currently a law student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. Email Id: [email protected]

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