Khushi Smitha


Listen, Carefully, with abandon,
Disguised in poise,
To the words of those, you are around.
Maintain. Neutrality in the face of favour,
Disdain hidden,
When in their presence.
Observe. Actions speak louder, always.
Disguised words of contempt,
Relayed in voices dripping honey.
Voice. Be the one with reason,
Doing away with the pettiness,
Weaving the web for a much greater battle.
Wield. Diplomacy, it is a weapon,
Filing away the weaknesses
Revealed without fear of retaliation.
Learn. The world is not kind
Treat it as it does you.
With warmth or with scorn.
Watch. It will learn of you
You aren’t meant to be thrown around.
Bestowing respect where it is due.
~~~ Khushi Smitha is a poet with so much zeal to speak the truth from reality.

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