I hope You Come Back

Adaobi Christiana Iwuno


He is the poetry residing in the abyss of my soul
gently igniting the fire of powerful lines
which spread like the harmattan fire
He is the sweetness of my soul
My eyes hazy with savage passion for my lover
On cold nights devoid of your presence
memories of our rendezvous keeps me warm
He is the best distraction for my soul
lips on my neck as if to mark me
my entire being surges with renewed passion
I am putty in his hands as I quiver in anticipation
But I haven't seen my lover in ages
everywhere I look, I see his face
I now live in the wilderness of my emotions
like a robot without a heart and soul
wandering and wondering when you will come back
do you think he can hear my wails?
the numbness of my body?
the emptiness of my soul?
I hope you come back before I fade away into the horizon.
~~~ Adaobi Christiana Iwuno is an undergraduate student of English Language and Literary Studies at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Email Id: [email protected].

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