Delicious Poison

Nnonye Nnagbo


Oh my generation
how you weary me
in your euphoric mood;
your room
when you I see
great and small
dine and wine
on delightful meals
camouflaged of dire danger
through enticing presentation
and delicious taste.
Experts with deeper knowledge withdraw.
To the layman propagate sophistication
of what and what man dine and wine
from the few who dared to explore the secrets
of our sweetened consumptions~
Alert of the harm beneath;
the gradual layering
of spirited substances
constituting our consumptions
and the cuisine, yet ignored.
At noon
comes a call on doc's deck
complaining, A and B, C and so on
After many tests
comes the option to manage health
because it's beyond restoration.
Oh man! Take heed
that thou was not assembled
like some toy for play
with none to wail
when doomed.
Therefore, make that which
thou feast on simple
drawing richness from
nature's abundance.
~~~ Nnonye Nnagbo is young poet from Nigeria. She is a poet that speaks to many hearts in lines.

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