Sandra Chidinma Ogubude (Katherine Lybert)


First, I thought I could call them my pals,
I was misled by their fake smile,
I was lost in thought thinking you all were my pals,
Unfortunately, it was all an act.
My heart bleeds with pain,
I was affronted by their mouth,
misled by their smiles,
misled by their lies,
What I called a fam was all a fabrication of fake minders.
All memories are pathways of the breeze of peace of mind,
I feel better alone with no one around to hold on to
I feel better alone without them,
I feel better alone without fabrication minders.
Hoping for the best that life has to offer,
Hoping for my maker to see me through,
What a world of pains and fabrication,
I sure will make it out with a smile.
~~~Sandra Chidinma Ogubude is a young poet. She is a poet with resounding zeal that speaks of hope.

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