Silent Hope

Vanshika Nanda


I used to weep, uncertain why,
Now, when there's cause, no tears comply.
I strive for a heart of frosty grace,
But within, warmth I can't erase.
Am I too aged to rekindle sorrow's art,
To nurture the ability to weep from the heart?
In this broken, tired state, I dwell,
Wounds and weariness, stories to tell.
Life's weight upon my weary frame,
Yet, within, I seek an ember of the same.
Eyes heavy, shoulders bowed low,
Carrying burdens, emotions in tow.
In the depths of this tired soul,
A yearning to mend, to once again feel whole.
Once, I extended warmth to all I'd meet,
Now, my kindness wanes, an incomplete feat.
I long to be good to people once more,
To bridge the gap my heart implores.
Though jaded and weary, a desire persists,
To rediscover the kindness that once existed.
Through life has left me craked and sore,
I'll search for tears, my heart to restore
In this quest for renewal, I may find,
A way to heal a heart that's intertwined;
As I seek the kindness buried deep within,
I'll rediscover the warmth, let a new chapter begin
~~~Vanshika Nanda is an Engineering Student (3rd year ECE), LPU, Punjab, India.
Email Id: [email protected]

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