Thirteen Years After

Isah Musa Faruq


Thirteen years After
We are still in darkness city
The Hello, Hello yet to stabilize
And our sleep still without closed eyes
Thirteen years After
Highways still death traps
Airways still beclouded
Many still on zero, zero, one
And pipe borne water still in the pipe line
Thirteen years After
Electoral process yet to find feet
Language and worship conflict on the increase
Land and farm dispute very much with us
And politics of bitterness yet to depart from us
Thirteen years After
The monster thrives the more
For it is pension scam today
Tomorrow, it is capital market
Thirteen years After
It is still eighteen thousand wage
With fuel subsidy removal
And paying more for darkness in the city
Thirteen years After
It is still ocean of promises—
Flooded promises of brighter future
The future we may not see
As the sea of promises becomes decades of yearnings.
~~~Engr. Isah Musa Faruq is passionate poet and Consultant. Email Id: [email protected]

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