My Good Friend

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Okoye


Reminiscing on our old memories.
The morning encounters, so lovely it was.
The joy together we shared, so lovely it was.
The smiles together we shared, so lovely it was.
The fulfilment together we felt, so lovely it was.
Reminiscing on our love years back.
So satisfying, the encounters.
So satisfying, the joy.
So satisfying, the smiles.
So satisfying, the affection.
Reminiscing on our friendship.
So great, the affection.
So deep, the love.
So captivating, the smiles.
So amazing, the joy.
Reminiscing on our adventures years back.
In your school, you to see.
So satisfying, the adventure.
In your house, you to see.
To villa you travelled, was told.
Still intact, the love.
Still satisfying, the joy.
Still captivating, the smiles;
Still fresh, the memories.
Beyond explanation, the love.
My good friend, you I love.
My good friend, you I cherish.
My good friend, a good one you are.
My good brother, a good friend you are.
My good friend, God bless you I pray.
~~~Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Okoye is an Author and Poet. He is the President of Grace & Mercy Portal International. Email Id: [email protected]

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