Sharika Showkat


Sometimes it feels good to remain aloof from everything,
but sometimes we wish to turn out to be gregarious.
Sometimes it feels good to be silent,
but sometimes we just wanna pour our hearts out to somebody.
Sometimes everything seems to be going good,
sometimes even a single moment can finish everything.
Sometimes we try our best to find someone,
but sometimes we forget ourselves while trying to find that person.
Sometimes nothing can ever please us,
but sometimes only the sight of someone makes our heart happy.
Sometimes even our close ones can never understand us,
but sometimes a stranger knows the state of our heart well.
Sometimes we never feel like doing anything,
but sometimes the heart wants to do the opposite.
Sometimes it feels good to be close to someone,
but sometimes those close to us can give the worst feelings ever.
Sometimes the heart never cries at any cost,
but sometimes it sheds tears for no reason.
Sometimes we have thought a lot about our future life in our own way,
but sometimes our fate brings those things in our lives that we haven't even think about.
Sometimes we want to keep our emotions hidden inside us,
but sometimes our heart wants to put out our inner feelings to words.
~~~Sharika Showkat is a graduate student from Government Degree College for Women, Anantnag Jammu & Kashmir, INDIA. Email Id: [email protected]

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