Resilient Rhapsody: A Symphony of Setbacks and Triumphs

Riya Singh


In a world where time unfolds its tales,
A girl emerged, her spirit set to sail.
Beneath the canvas of an azure sky,
She bore the weight of a world awry.
In the alleys of adversity, she walked,
Each step a testament, each setback talked.
A symphony of challenges, life's bitter lore,
Yet she danced through the storm, wanting more.
Her tale began in the hush of twilight,
A narrative painted in hues of might.
Bearing the weight of shackles unseen,
She wore strength like a regal queen.
Amidst the labyrinth of dreams deferred,
She whispered to the wind, her vision stirred.
For every obstacle that sought to bind,
In her heart, resilience she'd find.
In the garden of life where thorns abound,
She plucked courage, a flower profound.
Petals of hope in her weary hand,
She faced the tempests, took her stand.
A metaphor, her story, written in stars,
Against the canvas of the midnight spars.
The setbacks, but pauses in her song,
In adversity, she found where she belonged.
Imagine a chapter where shadows grew,
The girl faced setbacks, the world askew.
Yet, like a comet streaking 'cross the night,
She battled through with celestial might.
A metaphorical quilt, patches of despair,
Each stitch woven with utmost care.
Yet, in the tapestry of her complex strife,
Threads of resilience stitched her life.
Her journey, an odyssey in a world of gray,
Yet, she painted it with colors of the day.
The setbacks, mere commas in her prose,
In the grand novel of her life, they chose.
In the gallery of life, a portrait she'd paint,
Brushstrokes of courage, colours quaint.
Metaphors interwoven, a lyrical tide,
Her story, a ballad, in silence sighed.

Picture a moment, a storm's cruel spree,
Raindrops as setbacks, soaking glee.
Yet, she stood like an oak, roots entwined,
In the face of setbacks, a resilience enshrined.
Through the kaleidoscope of circumstance,
She learned to waltz, took setbacks as a chance.
In the book of her life, each chapter turned,
A narrative of courage, fervently earned.
In the theatre of life, a dramatic scene,
She played the lead with a grace serene.
The setbacks, mere scenes in her play,
In the script of her destiny, she'd sway.
Her heart, a compass pointing North,
In the labyrinth, she'd find her course.
For every setback that sought her tears,
She'd sculpt a smile, conquer fears.
In the echo of despair, she found a song,
A melody of resilience, sung strong.
A narrative rich with metaphor,
In every setback, she found a door.
In the quiet hours where shadows blend,
She became the author of a story to mend.
A saga of triumph, setbacks aside,
Her narrative in the stars, an eternal guide.
For in her battles, a symphony played,
A masterpiece in setbacks, carefully laid.
A metaphorical journey, a girl's brave creed,
Her story, a testament to faith, indeed.
~~~Riya Singh is a First Year Biomedical Engineering student from India. She is also an International level orator. E-mail Id: [email protected]

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