And So They Kept Living

Divyanshu Singh


So this girl, in the crowd of thousands, no, millions, remained asleep that day. Her bed was warm, though not as warm as her heart had been just a couple of days ago. Outside, rain poured down, but the earth, earth wasn't as wet as the pillow she made damp. The clock chimed 10 o'clock in the morning, and nothing happened. "Why did it have to chime?" She thought, yes, she was alive, unfortunately, she was alive in her room where 10 O'clock meant nothing to her. Does that really count as alive? "Maybe, just maybe, there might exist a universe where the 10 o'clock on my clock means nothing to me. Does living in that universe also count as 'being alive?" Her bloodshot eyes questioned this to some god knows entity residing in her head. Yet once again the answer, as always, lost its way in the screaming, that came with the silence wide. Her entire body, numb, had become as dead as the rock in the farthest corner of the world untouched, unknown, and unimaginable. Yet her mind was awake, pardon, it was way more than just awake, it was fighting, fighting with the tempest of all kinds of emotions but joy. She was furious, and at the same time, she was not. She was calm, and again, she was not. She was sleeping, but her mind was raging around like a hungry mad dog running for a small cat to feed upon. But not that dog, and please, not that cat again. The bullets of emotions her mind was firing at the image of that dog were fatal enough to blow up an entire building, but she knew, the buildings were not guilty of that act she was now suffering from.

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