KANU Ikechukwu Anthony, OMOJOLA Immaculata Olu, Mike Boni Bazza


This paper has argued that there is a relationship between climate change and migration. It was discovered that most times, climate change results in migration at both local, regional and internationally levels. It may result into temporal or permanent migration. While it is important for local communities to come together to work out modalities of solving climate change problems, there is need on the part of the government to systematically align climate and development policies, aiming at poverty reduction, food security as well as effective structures dealing with climate change. This will go a long way in the aspect of climate-migration relationship. This paper finally suggested that local communities need to come together to alleviate climate change problems; not constantly waiting for the regional and international levels all the time. In some cases, help from the government may not come very fast, while affected communities continue to suffer

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