Every developing and under-developing countries of the world in which Nigeria is not left out are aiming for a total transformation in order to lead to all round development. Natural transformation and development are essential factors needed for the growth of any individual, family, cooperate bodies and the society at large. Risks which take different forms and are numerous across all facets of life require proper planning and management for effectiveness and advancement in the society. The purpose of this write up is to identify risk management as an important means for national transformation and development against risk of any form. Due to inadequate distribution of resources and social vices across the nation, risk such as insecurity, ill-health issues, poverty, bribery and corruption etc abound at every level of the society. Therefore, risk management serves as a controlling factor against every type of risk. The paper is an exploratory review on risk management where it has been deduced that there is the need to revisit the way things are done in the country in which the solution rest in risk management so as to add value and quality to the citizens. It is advisable for every nation to request the help of risk management personnel for the growth of the nation’s administration.

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