KANU Ikechukwu Anthony, OMOJOLA Immaculata Olu, Mike Boni Bazza


The involvement of children in migration remains a major issue in the migration discourse. It is very vital for Governments and civil society organizations to pay attention to migrant children who are forced to isolate themselves from home and family ties because of situations. This can be done by providing security and economic strength, education, and health initiatives, building a robust, responsive, and child protection system security and economic strength that offers a powerful tool in preventing dangerous migration. The paper discusses children and migration in relation to education, health and welfare. It was established that insecurity and natural disaster may be some of the factors responsible for migration of children. They are therefore exposed to psychological trauma of separation from their homes. Also, they suffer mental and physical injuries that result from malnutrition, lack of medical attention, sexual and physical abuse, forced labour, and they eventually drop out of schools. It was then suggested that proper system that responds to children affairs and prevent them from dangerous migration should be set up by the government.

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