As the use of computer networks and internet is ubiquitous, information security has become
sizzling area of research in recent times. Data security is very crucial in exchange of information
over computer networks because it secures the information from intruders. Although
cryptography and steganography are two popular security mechanisms that could be used to
provide data security, each of them has drawbacks. Cryptography encrypts the content of the
message thereby making it difficult for intruders to fathom. Steganography on the other hand
makes communication invisible, that is, message is embedded in a cover media in such a way that
intruders cannot detect it existence. Cryptography problem is that, the cypher text looks
meaningless, so the intruder can interrupt the transmission and use cryptanalysis to reveal the
meaning of the message. Steganography problem is that once the presence of hidden information
is revealed or even suspected, the message has become known. Therefore, effort in this paper was
directed at reviewing various types of cryptography and steganography techniques. Also, a
hybrid data security model was proposed by combining cryptography and steganography to
improve information security leveraging on the strengths of the two techniques. In the proposed
model, plain message was first encrypted using Data Encryption Standard (DES) making it
cypher text. Secondly, the encrypted message (cypher text) was hidden in an image using Least
Significant Bit (LSB) technique. The proposed model provided an enhanced data security scheme
as attacker will not be able to detect the existence of the message hidden in the image and if per
chance the message is discovered, the attacker will still not be able to make meaning of the
content because the message was encrypted

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