Oni E. O, Olawuni A


The problems associated with production of electronic devices without corresponding locking
system has been a serious concern in the security system. This paper looked into the development
of electronic time lock control system in security system. Due to the fact that lives and property
may be at stake, it is important to always have a reliable lock system, putting into consideration
the high rate of crime and insecurity. The design is made of a keypad unit for entering the access
time, a LCD that displays different messages at specific time, a door controller section made up of
an H-bridge driver IC that controls the movement of the motor attached to the door and an alarm
system that triggers when the conditions are bridged. The whole system is controlled by an
AT89S52 microcontroller programmable IC. The setup allows the user to operate in real-time
and also preserving the time data if the main power supply fails. The design is meant to prevent
unauthorized person from having access to ones properties through the use of times and it’s
focused on security system for buildings, cars, safes, doors and gates.

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